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Pet sitting in Scottsdale for Lars, not just any dog.

This is the second part to our original posting about Lars (/uncategorized/a-sweet-story-that-we-are-happy-to-be-a-part-of/)

Lars happily chewing his bone on the grass during our day visit. 9/28/9

As promised I am updating you all on Lars, who I consider to be the wonder dog! The last time I saw him was for our Thursday NOON visit. That was when I last blogged about him. Today, I went to the part of the home he was in last week and to my surprise he was in with his brother and sister, Max and Rosie. They were all relaxing in the living room when I entered and immediately Lars sprung up, barked excitedly, and ran over to come and greet me. Max and Rosie followed closely behind to join in the fun. Lars’ tail was wagging, his ears were perked up and he acted like a brand new dog! What a difference four days make. Give Lars a few weeks and I bet he will be normal weight and a “normal” dog. His personality is so loving and he is really interested in what us “humans” are going to do for him. Lol. We went out back during our second visit today and we happily chewed on his Nyla (best bones!) bone on the grass (picture). He even ran back and fourth across the yard with and to me (video). He doesn’t even notice that his hind quarters are weak. Just a doll and I feel blessed to know him and the people he owns. *smile

This information has been provided to you by Danielle Vasta, Owner of Bella’s House & Pet Sitting. Please contact her at: (480)330-4552 or for any of your pet sitting needs.

Shelter pets vs breeder: A personal letter to a friend…

I thought I would share this all with you….Please do not get upset.

A few days ago a good friend I went to high school IMed me on Facebook.

“Hey Bella, do you sell dogs too?”
“What are you looking for?” I replied.
“A husky,” he replied.
“Oh ok.” I typed. “Let me work on it this weekend and see what I can come up with.” I typed.
“Great. Any idea how much it will cost me?” he asked.
“I will research and email you soon.” I responded.

I pondered this for a day or two…deciding what the right way was to approach the matter. My personal opinion (and it is ok if yours differ) is that to adopt a pet in need is to save a life. I carfully thought about it and here was my response:

Dear friend,

Breeders – although some may be good, you are literally taking a life from the 11million pets that are sitting in the shelters. Do you know 11 million pets were put to sleep last year. UGH.

The life of a shelter pet could have been….A pet could have been from a breeder, and a house could have been foreclosed on, family couldn’t afford it or take it to their next home, and the pet ended up in the shelter. Just because it is in a shelter does not mean they are bad. In fact in the over 350 clients we have serviced, the sheltered pets have ALWAYS had the best personalities. These (what were PETS, now animals) have three days there, and then they die. It is a very sad truth.

So what I am proposing is to go to a shelter. Not a pet store (puppy mills), not a breeder (taking away from the lives that could be saved in the shelter). It is the morally right thing to do. We can find you the perfect Husky at a shelter or the county pound. The statistics prove that. It is just a matter of speaking with the right people and can assist in the facilitation of that happening. Okay?

Do you have any questions or objections? I would be happy to answer anything.

Please let me know you agree and I will begin making calls to help find you the perfect pup!

How would you have handled this? What are your thoughts?

A sweet story that we are happy to be a part of!

Lars is such a sweet spirit. Our heart goes out to him and we just adore loving pet parents like his mom and dad.

Lars story goes like this… He became a stray (for what reason is unknown). Lars now mama goes bike ridding with a group and would see him running around. Very long story short, she ended up scooping him up one day to come home to her beautiful home in Scottsdale. Seeing her laying on the floor with this pup and all the love and attention he is given is such a blessing!

“When you rescue a life, you save a life.”

Now Lars’ new mom and dad have to work during the day. With his hind legs being as weak as they are, and he being as skinny as he is, not used to being indoors…. We have had the honor of becoming apart of their family to help our with Lars’ during the day. Here are some pictures and video of our first few visits with this angle.

He is the most loving and affectionate dog. I am beside myself wondering how anyone could ever give him up!

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