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Bow Wow Breakfast a success!

With 6 our of 10 households having a pet and many of their masters, considering themselves a pet “parent” is it any wonder why more places are not more pet friendly?


That is all changing in McDowell Mountain Ranch! Caffe Portobello just retained new ownership and they are bringing in the dogs! With the help of Bella’s House & Pet Sitting, Bow Wow Breakfast on the patio has been formed, and you can find all sorts of four legged furry friends enjoying breakfast, and breath taking scenery. Caffe Portobello really sets the scene for a relaxing environment for their two legged guests, and a patio that is fit for their four legged guests. With the white and maroon table clothes to the individualized pet water bowls,  Kari Kinney owner of Caffe Portobello, has managed to find the perfect balance between pets and relaxing patio environment. Each pet parent also receives a $25 pet sitting coupon both curiosity of Danielle Vasta, Pack Leader of Bella’s House & Pet Sitting,  just coming in!  Vasta states, “This has been a long time waiting… there are so many pets in this community that I just had to pounce on the idea to really help promote this type of pet acceptance! Pets are a member of the family. Now all can enjoy a meal together!”


Caffe Portobello offers the classic bacon and eggs, healthy choices for those concerned, and even a family recipe -Nonna’s frittata for their special! So whether you want to cozy up on inside, or enjoy the nice weather and the sights of the beautiful McDowell Mountains… come to Caffe Portobello, where the patio has gone to the dogs!


For more information or directions, please contact Caffe Portobello at: (480)538-0211. To learn more about Bella’s House & Pet Sitting log onto: or call: (480)330-4552


Next breakfast is: Saturday, NOV 22nd! 9am

You’re Invited!


What more could a loving pet parent want?
 Please join us on
Saturday, Nov 8th from 9-10am
for a…



Danielle Vasta, Pack Leader for Bella’s House & Pet Sitting, and Kari Kinny, one of the new owners of Caffe Portobello would like you to join us for breakfast!
This Saturday, November 8th from 9-10am. Take walk or ride on over to Caffe Portobello where the FOUR LEGGED member of your family is the guest of honor!
Why should you go?
Caffee Portobello is under new ownership – PET FRIENDLY ownership. Kari and her partner Bill thought it would be great  to welcome the pets on the patio of Caffe Portobello for breakfast, lunch or dinner! What a wonderful idea!
Bella’s supports their efforts and really want to help give them a great kick off to there new endeavour. Please, lets show our support for a breakfast spot in our neighborhood that is PET FRIENDLY (finally!!!!!!)
In addition….
Each guest of Bella’s House & Pet Sitting will receive a FREE juice or coffee with purchase of their breakfast.
RSVP here with the number two and four legged guests so I can reserve the right amount of space on the patio for our breakfast!
This of course goes without saying, but if you are a feline pet parent, you are welcome as well. We hope to take over the patio. Please come, relax, eat, and enjoy the beautiful scenery!
Breakfast menu includes:
Two eggs any style
Steak and eggs
Corned beef and hash
Diced ham and eggs
Seafood frittata
Nonna’s frittata
Nova lox platter
Yogurt and Granola
Bowl of fresh fruit
Map/Directions click here:
 Hope to see you there!!!!




People food that can harm dogs

The holiday season is almost upon us, and we can all look forward to sitting down at the table with friends and family and enjoying our favorite delicacies. There’s a good chance your dog will want to be part of the festivities. While you may think that a few morsels of “people food” can’t hurt, the fact is that some foods can be harmful—even lethal—to dogs. Older dogs and overweight dogs may be especially vulnerable to these food risks.

Foods You Should Never Give Your Dog

Grapes and raisins—Though it isn’t clear to scientists just what makes grapes and raisins toxic to dogs, even a relatively small amount can damage their kidneys.

Onions—At certain levels, this common food can destroy a dog’s red blood cells and lead to anemia and breathing difficulties.

Chocolate—Chocolate contains theobromine, which can be fatal to dogs if eaten in large quantities. The darker the chocolate, the more dangerous it is. But any chocolate, in large enough amounts, can poison a dog. Note: An ounce of chocolate can be toxic to a 30-pound dog, and many dogs can consume more than this.

Mushrooms—Various species of mushrooms are toxic to dogs, and can cause shock and death. Effects will differ depending on the type ingested, but you should play it safe and avoid feeding any type of mushroom to your dog. You should also examine lawn areas where your dog plays. Be sure to remove any mushrooms that may be there—and check regularly to make sure they don’t sprout again.

Candy and sweeteners—Sugary foods can cause obesity. Candy products containing Xylitol (a common sweetener found in some diet products) can cause a sudden drop in an animal’s blood sugar, loss of coordination, seizures, and even death.

Caffeine products—Coffee, tea, or any product that contains caffeine stimulates a dog’s central nervous and cardiac systems. This can lead to restlessness, heart palpitations, and even death, depending on how much the dog consumes. Many also contain theobromine substances, causing issues similar to those with chocolate.

Milk—Although dogs may like the taste of milk, many dogs do not always produce enough lactase, the enzyme needed to break down the lactose in milk. In addition, milk-based dairy products may cause digestive difficulties in dogs.

TomatoesGreen tomatoes are toxic to dogs, as are parts of the tomato plant. Even a small cherry tomato can cause severe gastrointestinal upset.

Despite all the precautions you take to keep your dog safe, accidents do happen. That’s why it’s smart to keep the telephone numbers of your local veterinarian and the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (888-426-4435) right in your kitchen. For detailed safety information about a long list of human foods, please visit

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