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Adventures in Pet Sitting: Part Three. This part hurts me.

This is part three in our 3 part Christmas 2009 series. Part1 & 2 can be found here:


This is the part that hurts me. I have learned that after seven years of owning and now mostly managing Bella’s House & Pet Sitting that we simply can not be everything to everyone. As you can imagine holidays are often our busy time. I am always careful to not overbook my staff (or myself) for the following reasons:

1 – Emergencies like in Part One. Bella’s is a unique company because our staff truly is like family. We only service N Scottsdale. We all live in N Scottsdale. We truly are like a family. If my staff is working that day we are in constant communication. I feel very blessed to know that I can rely on them with the business that I have built from the ground up. They are all very cautious and observant of every and all things that go on during pet sits. When things occur like mentioned in Part One, we are easily able to help solve them because no staff member is so heavily scheduled that it doesn’t allow for emergencies. Our clients love this because they know we are a team, that we have backup, and their pet and home are our first priority. We are not running off to the next house because we are over booked. We are not booking 20 pet sits a day for one person like some of the sole proprietor pet sitting companies do. You and your pets best interest is in our best interest. Not the quantity of pet sits we can fit into a day.

2 – We don’t charge by time. This means that I am not rushing the Bella’s staff to get through the routine at one home and onto the next. Whether it is 20 minutes or 1 hour, we are there to do a quality job, not a quantifiable job. We have a window of time that we arrive at homes and I know roughly how many visits each staff member can do in that window. This unique practice has proven time and time again to be a great way to do business as the pets interest is really taken into account individually. Additionally, our clients do not get up charged for extra minutes spent with their pets in instances like blood in the urine, throw up, “redecoration of the house” (as we like to call it), etc. Our clients never come home to an unexpected bill.

3 – Our loyal current clients come firs. If you are an established client with Bella’s and decide to go on a last minute trip for the holidays chances are very good that someone on our team will be able to provide service for you. Again, we are never working at capacity so that we can not take care of our current clients, our extended family.

Now that part that hurts me… as I write this, it is 9pm on Saturday December 27th. I have had three calls tonight from people who are requesting pet sitting services for tomorrow.
One of the callers actually called us 6 mths ago and decided to go with a pet sitter recommended by her vet. They never showed up. Another caller had a consultation with a pet sitter today, who never showed up and she is leaving tomorrow. I had to decline services to all three callers for the reasons listed above. I did however suggest that they sign up online with us and do a consultation so that in the future they will never be in this predicament again.

Why does this all matter to you?
These business practices may seem unorthodox to some, but this is why I Bella’s IS the best. I have made it a point to create business practices that don’t just copy what is out there, but to run a way in which relationships and integrity are most important. It is a major way our business practices are very different that most other companies.

I care about the quality that we are able to provide our current clients this week, not the quantity of clients we have. It hurts me, because I get calls like the above few times a month. I feel bad for the pets and for the pat parents who may not be able to take their trip. We can not be everything to everyone, but we can be everything to our clients.

This information has been provided to you by Danielle Vasta, Owner of Bella’s House & Pet Sitting. Please contact her at: (480)330-4552 or for any of your pet sitting needs.

Adventures in Pet Sitting: Part TWO Pawjama Parties!

This is part two of three in our Christmas 2009 three part series. Part one can be found here: /uncategorized/part-one-the-uh-oh-factor-but-thank-goodness-for-bellas/
Bed Time! Our pawjama parties are the best.  Personally, this Christmas 2009 week I have been working on the LOST seasons on DVDs and been spreading the love with all the pets I have been sleeping with. First I have had the pleasure of sleeping with Emmie. She is an awesome rescue with a lot of puppy energy. She is the only dog I have ever experienced in my seven years of pet sitting that will jump up on the couch and rest her head right under my chin and cuddle up to me like a little child. She is such a doll and does lots of tricks. Here is a cute picture of her looking at me, with LOST in the background…

Cuddle puppy Emmie!

Next, I had had the pleasure of sleeping with this gang…

Personality packed! :)

The cats Max and Molly are amazing… See this video taken a few months back.Pet Sitting Scottsdale Max and Molly excited to eat!

They have a “cat door” going into the laundry room so the other kids don’t get into their litter box. Aren’t they gorgeous?

This is late night… heads hanging over their beds fast asleep. Too darn cute!

Zonked out at our pawjama party!

Lastly long time VIP clients of Bella’s… Payton and Murphy. They “let” me sleep in bed with them the past few nights. Notice how I get about 30% and they get the rest? Haha…Joys of the job…one morning Payton actually burped up some bile right on the comforter for me. Good morning! Oh well, poor baby was just fine we took good care of her :)

Where do I put my feet? lol

In any case, your pets do not have to sleep alone when you go out of town. Our overnight service is so popular that we have three staff members that provide this service for our clients. We love sleeping along side your pets when you can’t be there :)

This information has been provided to you by Bella, Pack Leader for Bella’s House & Pet Sitting. Please contact her at: (480)330-4552 or for any of your pet sitting needs.

PART ONE…The “Uh-Oh” Factor.

Happy Holidays from Bella’s House & Pet Sitting.

You wouldn’t believe the things that happen when you make being a pet sitter your fill time professional job. This Christmas week has been bursting with interesting stories that I just had to write about. For some, I even have pictures. This is part one of a three part series.

We have one of the most incredible and sweetest chow’s that we are caring for named Missy.

Missy the Chow….cute, huh? :)

Her brother, Butters is a pretty exciting cat and always seems to be playing with something. I actually have taken out three different pens over the course of the week for my care notes because Butters keeps using then as toys. Too cute! He is very smart. Unknown to many…cats have a very keen sense of smell. I have been taking a few pieces of the “junk mail” and crumbling them into a ball for him to bat around.

Lovin the attention from Bella's!

One visit, after it had rained, I opened the garage to see a puddle of water IN the garage. Uh oh…. LONG story short our client had been having some trouble with a toilet upstairs and the tank began to overflow causing the leak to drip on the tile, through the floor, insulation, ceiling, releasing a fluorescent light in the garage to leave it hanging on only one end…

Uh oh….

We were able to catch this disaster early on before the damage got TOO bad and have made ourselves available to the contractor (meeting him three separate times) so that we can assist in the process of fixing the problem. Imagine if our client didn’t have a professional pet sitter to help her out? It could have been days until she was home and water can do a lot of damage. We protect our clients pets AND homes providing an invaluable service.

As I was writing this…one of our overnight sitters was outside with three of our canine clients and the door locked behind her. She was locked outside at night with the pups in the 40’ weather. Brrr! She called me and I got the spare key (we always require two copies of the house key) and went over to unlock the door.


When things like this happen (a handful of them each year) Bella’s House & Pet Sitting is there to step up and act on the clients behalf. Since 2002 we have assisted in:

  • Meet with workers to assist in a bug infestation because the kids left out sugar cereal.
  • AC sparking a fire in the units outside
  • AC units going off on a house with pets inside when it is 110 outside
  • Sprinkler leaks from the ceiling.
  • Pets pee-ing blood. We noticed and took them to the vet to find out it was the early stages of cancer.
  • …and more.

We take on these emergencies for FREE to our clients because we are a full service professional company. Rest assured, if you do not have a service provider for any of these unforeseen circumstances, Bella’s Concierge Program can most usually recommend a company due to the extensive networking we do in the Scottsdale community.

How can you afford NOT to have the built in insurance policy of Bella’s House & Pet Sitting to make sure that your pets are still healthy and your house isn’t damaged while you are out of town?

This information has been provided to you by Bella, Pack Leader for Bella’s House & Pet Sitting. Please contact her at: (480)330-4552 or for any of your pet sitting needs.

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