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4th of July Safety Tips for your Scottsdale Pet!

July 5th is known as the most busiest day at valley shelters because so many pets freak out and escape from their homes sue to the July 4th festivities.  If you will be leaving your pet at home during the 4th of July – try doing these tips to ensure they have a safe and stress free night.

1 – Secure all GATES, DOORS, and LOCKS. You do not want anything blowing or pushing open, giving your fur kid an easy way out.

2- If you are leaving the home, leave a TV or radio on loud in efforts to drown out the noises that may be going on outside.

3- Make sure your pets IDs are on or they are micro chipped. If your pet escapes, often times it is your only hoe of finding them.

4 – Be sure to close all doggy doors.

5- Leave them in a secure area with lots of chew toys and dog proof the area. Sometimes when stressed, pets will chew. If your baseboards are attacked – we have a handyman we can recommend J

6 – Do not give your pets any leftover bones. Cooked bones are the worst for your pets and could split in their intestines and cause internal bleeding. Please also be aware of guest feeding your pets.

7 – Do not take your pets to firework displays and keep them far away from those who might be lighting them off.

8 – Do not leave alcoholic drinks where pets can reach them. It could be fatal. Instead think about Bowser Beer! (

9- Be careful if you want to “decorate” your pet. The glow sticks could be toxic if they chew them and if they are not used to bandana’s, they can get caught on things.

10 – If your pet gets scared easily, try Rescue Remedy or consider staying home with them.

If you follow these tips your pet should have just as an enjoyable 4th of July as you have.

This information has been provided to you from Bella Vasta, the Pack Leader for Bella’s House and Pet Sitting in Scottsdale AZ. For more information please call 480.330.4552 or go to

4th of July Tips to keep your pets SAFE!

patriotic dog

This can be a scary time for your pets please take these suggestions into mind.


#1 – If you are leaving, be sure to keep your pets indoors, and preferably towards the middle of the house to help eliminate the boom sounds against windows.


#2 – Leave the TV or radio on medium level to drown out the noise.


#3 – If you pet is destructive, quarantine them to a certain part of your home.


#4 – Leave them with a task to do. Kongs work great for this!


#5 – DO NOT make a big deal of leaving. This will add to their anxiety.


#6 – Close the doggy door. Do you know that shelters see and influx of pets after the 4th of July bc so many pets try to “escape” bc they are scared?


Additional info can be found here:

This information has been provided to you by Danielle Vasta, Owner of Bella’s House & Pet Sitting. Please contact her at: (480)330-4552 or for any of your pet sitting needs.

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