Adventures in Pet Sitting: Part TWO Pawjama Parties!

by Danielle

This is part two of three in our Christmas 2009 three part series. Part one can be found here: /uncategorized/part-one-the-uh-oh-factor-but-thank-goodness-for-bellas/
Bed Time! Our pawjama parties are the best.  Personally, this Christmas 2009 week I have been working on the LOST seasons on DVDs and been spreading the love with all the pets I have been sleeping with. First I have had the pleasure of sleeping with Emmie. She is an awesome rescue with a lot of puppy energy. She is the only dog I have ever experienced in my seven years of pet sitting that will jump up on the couch and rest her head right under my chin and cuddle up to me like a little child. She is such a doll and does lots of tricks. Here is a cute picture of her looking at me, with LOST in the background…

Cuddle puppy Emmie!

Next, I had had the pleasure of sleeping with this gang…

Personality packed! :)

The cats Max and Molly are amazing… See this video taken a few months back.Pet Sitting Scottsdale Max and Molly excited to eat!

They have a “cat door” going into the laundry room so the other kids don’t get into their litter box. Aren’t they gorgeous?

This is late night… heads hanging over their beds fast asleep. Too darn cute!

Zonked out at our pawjama party!

Lastly long time VIP clients of Bella’s… Payton and Murphy. They “let” me sleep in bed with them the past few nights. Notice how I get about 30% and they get the rest? Haha…Joys of the job…one morning Payton actually burped up some bile right on the comforter for me. Good morning! Oh well, poor baby was just fine we took good care of her :)

Where do I put my feet? lol

In any case, your pets do not have to sleep alone when you go out of town. Our overnight service is so popular that we have three staff members that provide this service for our clients. We love sleeping along side your pets when you can’t be there :)

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