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12 days and nights of overnights….

The past 12 nights I have spent with Abby, JHawk, Rex, and Calli. They have been clients of Bella’s for the past 4 years and really like my extended family. Here are some clips and pictures of my stay with them this July….

 This is Rex talking up a storm:


This is Abby and JHawk playing…. then in the pool. I love my job!

Isn’t it cute how JHawk’s tail wags even in the pool?

And this is Abby swimming….Abby LOVES to lick and talk. I will upload a video of her talking soon too!

WHAT COULD HAPPEN IF…. The story of a “friend” who pet sits.

I had a really great lunch yesterday at Christopher’s at the Biltmore. If you have not been there yet – I would suggest you try it! It is fabulous, AND they allow pets on their shaded posh patio called Crush!

While enjoying our delicious lunch (might I recommend the Lamb Lollipops?) I had a stomach workout from laughing so hard when I heard a pet sitting story from one of the gals, because it was just so funny.


It seemed as though her friend asked her to care for her pet while she was gone for a week. “Of course!” she said. Well each day she arrived all the dogs’ food and water were gone. This was alarming to her and she felt bad for the dog because she didn’t want him to go hungry. So she dragged the bag out of the closet, tore it open and said, “Here doggie, eat as much as you like.” She then took the hose outside and left it on very lightly thinking that the pet would drink from the hose instead of his water bowl.


My friend returned a few DAYS later to find that the backyard was flooded and the dog ate all the food. She was mortified, thinking – how can this dog eat that much?!?!? She went to find out what kind of food it was so she could buy more, but the dog had chewed through the bag and scattered it all over the yard. So she went into the pet food store and just chose any brand, thinking they are all pretty much the same.


This friend of my mine then told her friend that she had “indulged” her pet and “spoiled” him because she didn’t want the dog to go hungry. Never really telling her the whole truth.


Now this is a pretty funny story from the outside looking in. However, this could have resulted in numerous EXPENSIVE consequences:

  1. The dog could have eaten so much that his intestines could have flipped or bloat could have happened. Both are life threatening.
  2. The water could have seeped into the home and flooded the house, or even the neighbors home! Water damage equals LOTS of DAMAGE resulting in LOTS OF MONEY!
  3. The pet could have eaten something ELSE and choked or it could have been toxic.
  4. The water seeping out of the yard could have been an alert to burglars that the house was unattended and they could have broken in.
  5. …and much more.

With Bella’s House & Pet Sitting we are pet EXPERTS that care properly for your pet. Their health and safety are two of the most important things to us. The security of your home is crucial while you are away and when you travel. Professionals should be caring for these important parts of your life – Not a friend, neighbor, or the kid next door. They are not qualified.

Pet Sitting with Bailey the ragdoll cat!

Bailey is such the sweet, playful, typical cat~~~ He makes you find him when you walk in his home… and once that game is over, he is rubbing up against my ankles everywhere I walk. After Bailey supervises me scooping his litter and feeding him some of his wet food, it is time for grooming, which he tells me is the best part of his day! Persians (especially Bailey) have lots of hair, so I brushed and brushed him emptying the brush about four times by the time we were done! He even left me a present to take home with me… a nice new FUR shirt! :-) he he he. It is the perks of the job. Although Bailey has many cat toys and whips, he was really just concerned with some old fashioned TLC and massages! He even let me rub his belly. For those of you who are cat lovers, you know that is a bonding experience all in itself.

Bailey is a happy boy!!!!

 The service featured is DAY VISITS by Bella’s House & Pet Sitting in Scottsdale, AZ

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