PART ONE…The “Uh-Oh” Factor.

by Danielle

Happy Holidays from Bella’s House & Pet Sitting.

You wouldn’t believe the things that happen when you make being a pet sitter your fill time professional job. This Christmas week has been bursting with interesting stories that I just had to write about. For some, I even have pictures. This is part one of a three part series.

We have one of the most incredible and sweetest chow’s that we are caring for named Missy.

Missy the Chow….cute, huh? :)

Her brother, Butters is a pretty exciting cat and always seems to be playing with something. I actually have taken out three different pens over the course of the week for my care notes because Butters keeps using then as toys. Too cute! He is very smart. Unknown to many…cats have a very keen sense of smell. I have been taking a few pieces of the “junk mail” and crumbling them into a ball for him to bat around.

Lovin the attention from Bella's!

One visit, after it had rained, I opened the garage to see a puddle of water IN the garage. Uh oh…. LONG story short our client had been having some trouble with a toilet upstairs and the tank began to overflow causing the leak to drip on the tile, through the floor, insulation, ceiling, releasing a fluorescent light in the garage to leave it hanging on only one end…

Uh oh….

We were able to catch this disaster early on before the damage got TOO bad and have made ourselves available to the contractor (meeting him three separate times) so that we can assist in the process of fixing the problem. Imagine if our client didn’t have a professional pet sitter to help her out? It could have been days until she was home and water can do a lot of damage. We protect our clients pets AND homes providing an invaluable service.

As I was writing this…one of our overnight sitters was outside with three of our canine clients and the door locked behind her. She was locked outside at night with the pups in the 40’ weather. Brrr! She called me and I got the spare key (we always require two copies of the house key) and went over to unlock the door.


When things like this happen (a handful of them each year) Bella’s House & Pet Sitting is there to step up and act on the clients behalf. Since 2002 we have assisted in:

  • Meet with workers to assist in a bug infestation because the kids left out sugar cereal.
  • AC sparking a fire in the units outside
  • AC units going off on a house with pets inside when it is 110 outside
  • Sprinkler leaks from the ceiling.
  • Pets pee-ing blood. We noticed and took them to the vet to find out it was the early stages of cancer.
  • …and more.

We take on these emergencies for FREE to our clients because we are a full service professional company. Rest assured, if you do not have a service provider for any of these unforeseen circumstances, Bella’s Concierge Program can most usually recommend a company due to the extensive networking we do in the Scottsdale community.

How can you afford NOT to have the built in insurance policy of Bella’s House & Pet Sitting to make sure that your pets are still healthy and your house isn’t damaged while you are out of town?

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