What is $20 REALLY worth to you? A life?

by Danielle

With your participation in this program you are indirectly helping to SAVE GOLDENS lives!

Even if you do not live in the Phoenix area, you can still buy a ticket and help send someone else who is deserving to the game. Afterall, what is $20.00? A pizza? A few cocktails on the weekend? Tranfer that into saving a LIFE…

Arizona Golden Rescue   

3rd Annual Dog Days of Summer….

Thursday Aug 13th at 7pm at the US Airways Center, Phoenix AZ

Rescue Ticket Package Includes:

$20 tickets in the lower level curve (Reg. $43)
Admission to pre-game Doggie Festival (5:00p-7:00p)
FREE Mercury Jersey Backpack
Email me NOW to help out! info@bellashosueandpets.com

This is Holly, and she is one of the Golden’s up for adoption.

How can you say NO to this face?

Email me NOW to get tickets!!!! info@bellashouseandpets.com

The Arizona Golden Rescue Group is the rescue group that Bella’s House & Pet Sitting supports.




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