Why be bitter?

It is said that it takes more energy to be angry than to be happy. Being in the pet industry, how could one ever be angry? Personally, I am greeted by wagging tails, sloppy kisses, and purring kitties most of the day. It is great!

As some of you may (or may not know) I am also a business coach. I coach people all over the United States and Canada on how to perfect their small home based, service providing business. (www.jumpconsulting.net) A few weeks ago I was helping a person with a billiard company and we “shopped” his competition by calling his biggest competitor. The first five minutes of the conversation was this other business owner trash talking his “competition.” I was appalled and honestly turned off listening to him. This person spent so much energy on being negative, and not highlighting the positives about his business that he actually came off as insecure. Next, we explored the advertising mediums. As suspected, this same person’s “cheery” disposition  was also reflected in the print media they were utilizing (NOT).

Most recently, I was searching through pet sitting websites. I am sad to say that I found a similar incident. It surprises me how some want to focus on (what they perceive to be) the negative’s of other businesses, while ignoring the fact that they should be spending their time, energy, and advertising opportunity to positively highlight the caliber of their business. How about highlighting the good things about your business and why you are different rather than bashing other companies? Take the high road. Be confident. Set yourself apart from the rest by being unique. Slinging mud is for the playground. Slinging mud shows immaturity in oneself, their business, and their integrity.

I am not sure how you all feel, and would love to know, but wouldn’t you feel a little put off if you were trying to research or buy from a company and all they were doing was bashing the other businesses in the industry? I don’t even want to call it competition, because clearly, the the two are on different levels. My impression was that this other billiard company (and pet sitting company) was highly insecure, and perhaps even bitter about something?

In any case I would not want either one working for me if I was looking for a company to hire. I would wonder how credible their business is if they are making the decision to invest their time into slinging mud on other companies instead of improving their own. Lets face it, in the world we live in…who needs more negative energy?

More energy spent on being angry =  less energy spent on the business?

One reader commented on this blog as soon as I posted it to my Facebook page saying,

“When I am talking to a business owner and all they want to do is slam their competition I get annoyed. There is a level of defensiveness that goes on in that situation that makes wonder if said business owner is doing that just to cover his own shortcomings JUST to make the sale. I am almost always 100% less likely to do business with someone who acts like this.”


What do you think?

This information has been provided to you from Bella Vasta, the Pack Leader for Bella’s House and Pet Sitting in Scottsdale AZ. For more information please call 480.330.4552 or go to http://www.bellashouseandpets.com

One Response to “Why be bitter?”

  • Jealousy and dis-ease shown here is a product of “fear” in my opinion. It would be obvious that the “competition” is expressing all this bitterness because of his or her own fears about losing business to his or competitor. This type of behavior only shows insecurity because of he or she was secure in his or her own product and/business there wouldn’t be a reaction such as this. This story should also make other pet sitters look at their own business and really focus on his or her own strengths and have faith in their own abilities.

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