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Playtime, Day Visits!

Selena is a ffriendly housecat that loves to play and talk. Below is a clip recently taken while her Mama was away and Bella’s House & Pet Sitting was there to play, feed and love on her!

Adopting a pet

Adopting a pet

By Danielle Vasta, Bella’s House & Pet Sitting


You miss the tails wagging, the sloppy kisses, the unconditional love, and yes even picking up after the,. You miss that four legged loved one meeting you at the door when you arrive home, and the countless hours of companionship that pets bring. It is time to get another pet! So where do you begin?


Consider the commitment – When adding a pet to your family it is a huge responsibility. When one is considering such a huge commitment you should think of it as a ten yr commitment (hopefully longer). This decision should not be based on a circumstance in your life, rather a long term decision. When bringing a new pet into your home, they will need training for example how to use the litter box, basic obedience, and potty training. You will need to find a breed that will work well with your lifestyle and household. Diifferent breeds or types of pets are better fits for different households. Some things to consider are activities you want your pet to be apart of such as working, guard, or just as a companion, etc. Also important is considering and the types of people in your home like elderly, children, single and matching the energy levels of the breeds with your households. Having a pet will be an additional cost in your budget for things such as veterinarian, food, grooming, and pet sitting when you travel or are at work. Carefully considering all these factors will help lead to a long lasting relationship between you and your pet and help avoid pre mature dissolution of the relationship because the decision was not carefully thought out.


Where to look – Now that you have decided to adopt there are many different options you can begin to look at. Do you know that according to the AZ Humane Society 2/3rd of pets in the AZ shelters are euthanized within 3 days of arriving at the shelter? This is an alarming statistic even to existing pet parents to ID their pets! Another option are the breed specific shelters if seeking a pure bred. All these pets know that you are saving them and will be in debt to you. If you want a certain age you can always contact the organization and tell them to keep their eyes and ears open for you. Adopting a pet from a shelter is the responsible thing to do. It is a myth that you will end up with a “problem child.” To tell you the truth, in the six years I have been pet sitting the adopted pets have been the most loving and it is the designer pets from the designer stores are what habitually have the medical issues. For a list of breed specific groups visit:   Always remember there is never a health guarantee anyone can provide no matter where you find your new furry friend. Although you can be sure of one thing, they know you are saving them! This decision should come from the heart.


So now you have adopted a pet. Congratulations! You are now a new pet parent! This information has been provided to you via the owner of Bella’s House & Pet Sitting, Danielle, who has been operating in MMR for 6 yrs! BHPS offers day visits, overnights, pet taxis, and more! We also have a close network of pet professionals to help you with adopting, grooming, veterinarian, day care, nutrition, and so much more!  (480)330-4552

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