Dog Attack at Chaparral Park

UPDATE #1 – First the dog trainer called me.

The below is a note from the dog trainer that Bella’s House & Pet Sitting works with. Our relationship with Mark has allowed us to help spread the word to many pet owners to help get this very troublesome story out. Please share and cross post with all….


As I mentioned to you today, one of my customers dogs, was attacked by 2 pitbulls last night in Chaparral Park off of Hayden, in Scottsdale.  The pitbulls were OFF leash and have a prior history of dog/dog attacks at this SAME park!  Unfortunately, AZ state law does NOT require a dog to be quarantined after attacking another dog.  ONLY if that dog bites a human, must it be quarantined.

A police report was filed and the case # is:  1012309.  I’m unsure if the dogs were even obtained and returned to the owners so they are STILL AROUND THE PARK!!  My customer will be contacting Maricopa Animal Control today to file a report as well.

Sadly enough, my customer has a $6000.00 vet bill from this attack and still does not know if her dog will survive today.   While the pits who attacked her dog could be BACK at the owners home with NO responsibility?

The concern of course now is for LOCAL SCOTTSDALE residents to BE AWARE of these 2 pits who will more than likely ATTACK again.  Please let your media contacts know of this pit attack pattern at Chaparral park.

NOTE: One lady at the park warned my customer “Get outa the park. The same dogs are who attacked last week are here.”  Before she could react – the fight happened.

Here is what my client wrote me: (warning it is graphic and hard to read)

As we walked around the lake a woman approached us carrying her dog and suggested that we not continue because there were 2 pitbulls loose, owner not present, a little way away. I could see them off in the distance.  She said she knew the owner and that one of the dogs has killed a dog before.  So I turn around and we were headed north to return to my car.  The woman had the police on the phone and was reporting the dogs.  Next think I knew the dogs ran up behind us and grabbed Sydney.  One of the dogs held her down with a tight bite over her back.  A lot of people ran to our aid but we could not get the dog to release Syd.  A couple pulled up on Hayden next to the path and brought a crowbar.  Someone used it to get the dog to release Syd. I scooped her up and this wonderful couple pulled me into their car and whisked us off to emergency as I held her side to keep her insides in.  She had to be in so much pain but never made a peep.  They took xrays of her back and her spine looks good.  She is in surgery at the moment.  She has some really bad puncture wounds, so they are opening her up and exploring everything to be sure her insides are okay.  A police report has been filed and I’m also suppose to contact Animal Control tomorrow.  This is so horrible – she was doing so well on the walked today – she will never get over this.

Thanks for helping spread the word!

Mark Siebel, Owner
“A Good Dog = A Trained Owner”


UPDATED #2  2:30 Tuesday May 18th – Update from Syd’s Mom…..

From Sidney’s Mom to Mark, from Doggie Steps Dog Training

Thank you Mark.  This was a horrible tragedy to see happen to your beloved pet.
I just picked up a copy of the police report and it is a frightening account of last nights attack.  The owner lives in a townhouse that opens to Chaparral Park on the southern end of the lake.  He has “Vicious Dog” signs on his front door and rear gate. He was under court order from the July 2009 attack that nearly killed a dog in the park to keep “Dopey” on a leash and muzzled.  Dopey killed a poodle in December 2009 while on leash.  Unfortunately the poodle was not leashed and got too near Dopey and the muzzle came off.  And yet, the owner still left his front door open yesterday evening for Dopey to escape the house and attack Sydney . Sydney ’s estimated vet bill has now reached a little over $11,000.00.  Dopey got to go home and my dog is suffering at the vet and may not survive.  I cannot afford this expense but I have to try to give her a chance, and I feel pretty certain that Dopey’s owner will not be held accountable for it.  Animal Control and the Scottsdale Police Department have been wonderful and are working hard to right this wrong.  Because of Sydney ’s attack, Animal Control obtained a court date on May 25th to deal with Dopey; the court was unwilling to deal with the issue after the poodle’s death – if they had, Sydney would still be her   active, silly self today.   Thanks again Mark.  I’ll keep you posted on Sydney . – Pamela


UPDATE #3  MAY 19TH-3TV and Az Republic Pick up the story

If you are interested in learning how to help prevent dog fights or protect your dog if it happens, ex Animal Control Officer and Owner of Elite Pet Care, Sarah Gorman explains how to do this on her blog here:

Here is the video update:

Arizona Republic Article –

3TV link to article and videos-

UPDATE #4 – Elaborate with the Scottsdale PD (FACTS of the case)

UNCUT Interview by 3TV with Scottsdale PD:

Press the COMMENTS link to read updates from eye witnesses and Sydney’s Mom’s updates each day.

This information has been provided to you from Bella Vasta, the Pack Leader for Bella’s House and Pet Sitting in Scottsdale AZ. For more information please call 480.330.4552 or go to

57 Responses to “Dog Attack at Chaparral Park”

  • Pamela:

    Yesterday was a big day for Sydney – all of her staples were removed! Her right side still has a long way to go. There is a lot of dead skin on her right, particularly around one of the puncture wounds from Dopey’s sharp teeth, so the areas are still open and continue to drain. Her doctor is pleased because it looks like they may heal over on their own and not require additional surgery to repair the tissue. So Syd still needs to wear the “cone of shame” for a while until her right side and all of the scabbing heals. Her pain medication has been cut back quite a bit, so yesterday was the first day that she seemed hungry and ate everthing that I put in front of her – what a relief! It has been such a struggle to get her to eat anything over the past week. She is quite the little miracle puppy and would not be with me today if not for all of the wonderful people that helped to save her, particularly Christina and Matthew who delivered us to the emergency hospital. Thank you again to everyone.

    I encourage anyone interested in this case to request a copy of the public records related to Dopey to get all of the details. On Tuesday, the court ordered Dopey be put down. Jared was given 10-days to appeal the decision. It’s sad. Poor Sydney and Dopey are the victims in this incident. If Dopey had been well controlled, none of us would be in this situation and we would all be going about our lives blissfully oblivious to the horror of such a vicious dog attack. I wish there was another alternative to relocate Dopey to a safe place where he can no longer hurt or frighten people and pets, and be well controlled by someone with the knowledge and experience to handle such behavior.

  • nancy:

    My husband and I have what we were told was a new breed; she is a beautiful pure white “miniature” American bulldog. I really think they got the miniature wrong, the reason I’m Posting is our 60lb bull dog was attacked by a pair of Great Pyrenees. God only knows how she made it back to our house. She had to have 60% of her body shaved to expose all of her wounds; she has four deep wounds that after 4 days they are still removing dead skin. I’m posting this story to ask: is it worth the pain she’s going through or should we just let her go????? I’ve struggled so hard with this decision. It’s almost unbearable to think of the pain she must have endured and she has such a long recovery. At what point is it crueler to continue treatment.

  • Pamela:

    Last Wednesday morning the holes in Sydney’s right side closed over and the oozing stopped. I could not believe how well healed her side looked by Wednesday evening. Her best friend, Chapman the Pug, came to visit her on Friday and they had a marvelous time together. Her fur is slowing growing back in and she’s beginning to look more normal again. She took the last of her meds this morning. It has been a very long 5-weeks! I still have to keep her relatively quiet. She cannot heard the tortoises or run around the back yard yet but we have some new “quiet” games that we play with her toys in the house. Next week we may try some short walks around the neighborhood. Thank you again to everyone of you who made her survival and recovery possible!

  • Michelle:

    Wow. Continued prayers for Sydney!!! So did Jared appeal? What ever happened to Dopey? (sorry I was traveling and have gotten out of the loop)

  • Richard and Sally Andrade:

    Pamela, please contact us ASAP, through “Fabian’s Law” email. We have been trying since this attack to contact you. It is because of what happened to us with our little poodle Fabian and what happened to Sydney that made us take action. We will talk more.

    Richard and Sally Andrade

  • Debbie Eilers:

    I used to take my male pitbull to the Chaparral dog park. Sadly, he was attacked twice on two different occasions by two german shepherds. I was told that these two dogs would often attack other dogs in the park. The owner was not apologetic. It would be nice if dog owners who have dogs, regardless of the breed, who have attacked dogs in the past would muzzle their dogs if they insist on bringing their dogs to the off leash dog park.

  • Debbie, you are so right. Thank you for sharing this with us. :)

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