Professionally Grooming your pets is VERY Important!

by Danielle

Everyone knows to keep a dog happy and healthy he (or she)

needs plenty of exercise, high quality food, clean water and lot’s of love. But regular grooming is also an important part of your dog’s health.

How much do you charge for a 10 MIN visit?

by Danielle

I just need for you to come by for 10 minutes to let my dog outside. How much will that be?
I have been getting this question frequently these days. More people are looking to cut costs, which is understandable if you are one of those people who believe everything that is written in the newspaper […]

Bella’s and Serena engaging in some playtime!

by Danielle

Serena is a sweet housecat who loves to play and talk… here is a clip of one of our most recent pet sits with her…