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Playtime With Your Cat

Recommended types of toys:

  • Round plastic shower curtin rings are fun to bat around, hide, or carry when linked together.
  • Plastic balls with or without bells inside
  • Ping Pong balls or golf balls. Put them in the bathtub with your kittie and watch them go.
  • Paper bags wit the handles removed are great for your kittie to hide, pounce, and play in.
  • Empty paper towel cardboard rolls that are unwrapped a little.


Catnip factoids

·         Catnip is not addictive and is perfectly safe for cats to roll in, rub in, or eat.

·         Catnip sprays rarely have enough power to be attractive to cats.

·         Not all cats are affected by catnip.

·         Kittens under 6 mths old seem to be immune.


 Get the most out of your toys!

  • Rotate your cat’s toys weekly by only making a few available at a time.

·         Provide toys that offer a variety of uses wrestle with, carry, roll, and one to “baby”

·         Hide and seek is a fun game for cats to play. Hide their toys!

·         Many of your cats toys should be interactive. Let their natural predator skills come out.

·         If your kitty begins talking, begin meowing back. Chances are they will keep talking to you trying to match your tone.


This information has been provided to you by Danielle Vasta, Owner of Bella’s House & Pet Sitting. Please contact her at: (480)330-4552 or for any of your pet sitting needs!

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