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Driving Safe with Your Pets!

be a responsible pet parent



In order to practice safe driving techniques, the following has been provided to you for FREE via Danielle Vasta, owner of Bella’s House & Pet Sitting. 




Always have your pet secured to a harness in the back of the vehicle. Pets who are on your lap or in the front seat could cause accidents, or be killed if the airbag was ever to deploy.


Never let your pets head hang out the widow! This is a simple was to avoid injury to your pet. Rocks, debris, or bugs could fly into their eyes, nose, or ears causing problems.


Prepare for the ride with letting your pet go potty before you begin your journey. Take bottled water and bowls. Take a greenie or chew toy to help occupy them so they do not distract you, the driver!


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FOLLOW UP: Driving safe with your pet!

I received some great information from one of my clients who actually just did an online course on this subject. I thought the information was great so I am passing it along as PART TWO of driving safe with your pets!

Use common sense! Keep the fur babies in the back! No matter how much the pet enjoys it. Do we allow small children to ride in the front seat?  Pets in the front seat can be thrown into the dashboard or ejected from the vehicle during an accident or sudden stop.  Pets will also climb on your lap and interfere with driving or fall down by the gas and brake pedals, risking an accident.

Airbags  Launch at a speed of 150 – 200 mph in two-tenths of a second. In addition to the accident, the airbag impact alone can cause serious injury to a pet.


Safety restraints When driving at 35 MPH, an unrestrained, ejected 50 pound dog can cause an impact of over 2000 pounds to the driver (and itself) in the event of an accident. This can cause serious injury – or death – to both your pet and vehicle occupants.  

The most common type of collision is on the front driver’s-side.  This type of impact will throw everything in the vehicle straight at the driver, including pets, occupants or objects.  It is imperative that pets be restrained in a vehicle at all times.  


NOTE: During or following a collision, the risk of a pet escaping, running into traffic or worse is a very real concern. Animal owners can reduce this risk significantly through the use of a pet restraint such as a safety harness, cabin divider, or specially designed carry case. These can be purchased inexpensively at any major pet store.  Unrestrained, frightened or injured  pets can impede the ability of first responders to rescue vehicle occupants – and your pet.

The hot seat  Even though you’ll only be gone ‘for just a second’, a few seconds is all it takes for the temperature inside your vehicle to climb to extreme levels, creating a potentially deadly situation for children and pets. 

According to a General Motors study, temperatures inside a recently air-conditioned vehicle can exceed 122 degrees in 20 minutes on a 95-degree day, and continue to rise from there. Temperatures at this dangerous level will quickly overwhelm your pet’s ability to regulate it’s own body temperature, causing serious injury or worse. …and don’t even THINK about leaving a window slightly open or “cracked”, according to the same study, this will do little or nothing to cool your pet.


Information compiled by Scottsdale-based eLearning company, The Learning Design Group. 



Safety is Key

Do as much as possible to ensure that things are safe and secure before you go away.

  • Unplug any electrical appliances that will not be used to prevent injury to pets or damage during an electrical storm.
  • Close the door on the clothes dryer.
  • Consider leaving the radio on to keep your pet company (and deter crime).
  • Clean up anything that might be accidentally swallowed by your pet (Christmas tree tinsel, pine needles, string, ribbon or other holiday items).
  • Never leave your pet in the garage.  Too many toxic substances may be stored there. If you feel you must, pet-proof the garage first.
  • Make sure that indoor pets are inside.
  • If your cat(s) escape(s) beforehand, let the sitter know to look for the animal(s) outside.

Bella’s House & Pet Sitting is a professional in your home pet sitting company servicing North Scottsdale AZ.

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