Still laughing…You have to read this to believe it!

by Danielle

This is Skippy. Skippy is a very curious beagle who’s life focus is to capture anything that moves in his desert backyard. The following are pictures taken and a description written by Deborah, one of Bella’s pet sitters – Warning… You will laugh out loud. Make sure no one is around you when you read. :)


Danielle – Here is Skippy w/ the chuckwalla – Yesterday while he was in the back yard he caught it and tried to bring it in the house. Oh no! Holding his collar and trying to pry it out of his mouth was next to impossible, especially since I wasn’t interested in actually ‘touching’ the icky creature – it’s tummy bulging, eyes blinking and squirming – in a split second I got Skippy’s mouth open just enough to free it and it took all my muscles to hold onto him since he wanted it back – it scurried off the patio – heart pounding – thank God the trauma was over – AH – but maybe not!


This morning Skippy showed up with a stick? NOT! It was the tail of a chuckwalla!! See the photo of him peeking through the crack in the sliding door wanting to bring in his new trophy to play with – afterall – it was twitching still – what a plaything he would have had fun with! My CARE NOTES asked the client to please have their back yard declared a wild life refuge so it would be illegal for Skippy to hunt there. This afternoon I was relieved that it was ‘over’ nothing could possibly happen like this again.


Unbelievable – he was standing there with the same chuckwalla as yesterday morning – the same one he snapped the tail off of this morning!!! And I have to dislodge it from his mouth – AGAIN!! I’m a pet-sitter – not a professional creature removal expert from the pet’s mouth! Can my heart take this trauma again? Fenced yard or not – Skippy gets to explore on my terms – on a leash! My CARE NOTES said, “OH MY GOD!!!…The chuckwalla must be the dumbest creature on the planet! You’d think he’d find another back yard to live in without a Skippy!”

You think being a professional pet sitter is easy? This is just a glimpse! lol….Have you ever had similar experiences. Feel free to hit the reply button and tell us all about it :)

(ps) For those of you who do not know what this creature is, here is a description:

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  1. My weimaraner Bella is also a lizard hunter…she has left presents such as a chuckwalla in my office, two birds in the living room and oranges fallen from the tree on my pillow.

    I have now taken to leaving bbq tongs around to pick up whatever is brought in….doggie doors are wonderful at 5:00 a.m. when she needs to go out…but what comes back in is sometimes FRIGHTENING…

    I hope she leaves the king snake alone….

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